Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Official Launch Date: October 15

Hey All,

After much deliberation and planning, final details (like this blog site) for the trip are coming together. Here's the skinny so far. Brett is finishing paramedic school in Philadelphia within the month, and is slated to fly into Seatac airport in WA on the 15th. We're going all in yet again in the 4Runner (Thank you, Japanese engineering) on what we hope will be a "dream trip" of climbing our way down the West Coast. Big props to Amazing Grass for supporting us on our way! Our fully loaded shipment of energy bars & supplements has arrived, providing much need supplies on our low budget trip. Please check out their site and products at http://www.amazinggrass.com/

The Climbers: Brett Mollenhauer (Top) and Phil Wesseler (Bottom) in Red Rocks, NV this spring.

We're starting the trip with a quick "warm-up" on the awesome rocks and walls outside the faux Bavarian town of Leavenworth, WA where we oh-so-conveniently will catch the last weekend of Octoberfest. From there it will be a full on chase to tag as many hot spots and classic lines as we possibly can. Stops due south will include areas such as Smith Rock OR, Yosemite Natl. Park CA, Bishop CA, Joshua Tree Natl. Park CA, Red Rocks NV, and a ton of others in between.

The 4Runner in Zion National Park this spring.

We'll be periodically updating this site with photos and stories from the road, so lock your doors and check back for updates as we charge on our ultimate Dirtbag Tour of the West.


  1. rabble rabble rabble
    my names brett
    my names phil
    ive got a website
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    thanksgiving together?

    ps. rabble rabble is croatian for congratulations

  2. Remember: Carbs, lots of Carbs!

  3. good luck on your MADVENTURES! you should do some kind of madcook ripoff so i can see you eat some bugs and crap. this post brought to you by Microsoft and Nike...lol